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Our servers do not log any data provided or other information. Your visit on proxynator.com will remain untrackable.

Proxynator online web proxy uses Google Analytics for search engine optimisation reasons. We are not tracking your unblocked site and your IP is fully anonymized with Google's anonymizeIp function! (see source code).
This is temporary and will be removed soon.

The service provided on this website allows access to external, third-party websites, while those websites may monitor access to their website.


Our website stores a cookie on your computer, if allowed by your browser's privacy settings *. The cookie used by our service uniquely identifies you to the server and allows our website to remember your preferences.

We also use third-party advertising partners on our website. Advertisers may send you cookies or use web beacons to gather non-personal information about your browsing patterns (or interests) in order to provide you with relevant advertisements based on your previous history or interests. We have no control over cookies, web beacons or the information collected by our advertisers. Consult the third-party advertiser's privacy policy for more information on their practices.

The service we provide may attempt to forward third-party cookies from the websites you choose to browse. We have no control over indirect cookies and you are advised to consult the privacy policy of the applicable third-party website. If you do not wish to receive any such indirect cookies, please disable the "Allow Cookies" option.

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