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IPvanish VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Proxy Software

Virtual Private Network (or VPN for short) is basically a private virtual server (Proxy), which routes the communication between your computer and the end servers (like websites for example). It is commonly used to tunnel communication between servers, encrypt data and to secure networks. If you are interested into the details and more use-cases, please read the Article about VPN on Wikipedia.

A VPN Proxy Software is like a web proxy, with the difference, that it will create a direct connection to your selected proxy server and route EVERYTHING through it. Meaning, that you even can download things, surf on the internet and so on, as if you would normally do. Just with a different (hidden) IP address and online identity.

IPvanish VPN

Things you can do with a VPN Proxy

Where to beginn, the long story of things, that you can do with a VPN Proxy? You can unblock any website, without having to search for a web proxy first. Unblocked websites will always work, as they would work normally (no unexpected errors while processing, which can make the unblocked website break). You are anonymous and hiding not only your IP address, you are also hiding the data you are communicating through servers, making your actions and the data unreadable to your ISP, government, censorships, hackers and way more. You are also securing yourself from being hacked and a lot of exploits. Access internet from anywhere in the world, even if you are at home. Unblock, download and stream Videos, Music, Porn, Torrents and way more anonymously, without fear of anything.

Best VPN Proxy service recommended by Proxynator

The best VPN Proxy service I can offer you is definitely IP Vanish VPN, which do not collect any logs (doesn’t store your activity in any way), cheap, a lot of servers in 60+ different countries, no limits, money back guarantee! You can use this VPN Proxy Service Provider for your mobile devices with fast and easy installation and use. No risk of being sniffed (MITM attacks) at public locations and networks (also public WLAN). For more information and more things you can do with the best VPN Proxy Service Provicer, please reffer to their website.

IPvanish VPN

PureVPN is also a good VPN Proxy Service Provider, which you can build up with addons to extend its functionality.

The advantages of a VPN Proxy Software

There are too many advantages of a VPN Proxy Software to begin with. I recommend using VPN proxy programs for every internet user outside, just for those main reasons: Anonymity on the internet, way higher security (protection from hackers) and way less chance of your data being compromised or heard through third parties. All this, because the data passing your computer and the server you are communicating with are encrypted additionally (not even a hacker in your home network will be able to read the data transfered). The hackers have to pass the proxy server or find a way to bypass the the VPN driver on your computer first to establish a direct connection (well, good luck managing that).

You also can download files and unblock websites without worries. Surf anonymously and basically do whatever you want, as long as you are connected with the proxy server, noone will be able to track and identify your real IP address.

Short and clear advantages of VPN

Since you are using proxy server to send and recieve encrypted data, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will only see, that you are sending and recieving encrypted data through one single server. In reality you are downloading torrents anonymously, unblocking websites, gaining access to restricted resources, like proxy porn sites, unblock social networks or games at work, using streaming services like Netflix, unblock and listen to restricted music or whatever, from whatever corner of the world you decide (depending on what proxy servers the VPN service provider offer).

Whatever you are doing, the end server will only see the hidden IP and the real location of the proxy server you are connected to.

Is VPN Proxy legal and allowed to use?

Yes, usage of VPN proxy servers is legal. It is an important technology, especially for organisations to limit access to the company network to persons having credentials (or just to be able to connect to workplace network from home). Noone prohibits anonymity and freedom on the internet. There is a whole deep world of the internet (also called Darknet) accessable only with specified browsers (Tor) for the same reasons (with the exception of all the illegal activity happening there).

Differences between a web proxy and VPN

There are enormous difference between a normal web proxy and a VPN proxy, e.g.:

  • You are highly vulnerable to MITM (man in the middle) attacks, while a VPN Proxy makes it nearly impossible. It basically means, that a hacker can read the data you are sending between you and the web proxy website.
  • VPN Proxy is way faster and allow you to download torrents, watch movies, videos, unblock porn sites, adult content and way more, without intense processing.
  • VPN Proxy opens a new world to the content you never believed that exists or never were able to access and allows you to access nearly everything without restrictions.
  • VPN Proxy allows you to be everywhere in the world, even if you are at home. You choose your location.
  • Data Encryption between you and the VPN proxy server is the main reason to switch to VPN Proxy Software. Your information is not even readable for your Internet Service Provider, which a web proxy makes possible.
  • Safety is the second reason to use VPN Proxy. You make MITM attacks nearly impossible and trick hackers to play with the proxy servers, instead of you! You are also way safier using public networks (or open WLANs).
  • Anonymity is the third main reason for VPN Proxies. It will not happen, that a simple error in the web application of a web proxy leaks your real IP address and location (country and maybe even city). It is as if you are directly connected to the proxy server over a loooooooong cable and the proxy server is giving you internet.
  • VPN Proxies are not only portable for computers, you can use VPN for your mobile devices like (Android and iPhone) and Linux PCs.
  • With VPN Proxy, everything will normally work. The processing of URLs and Scripts with a web proxy may break the function of a website you are trying to unblock. Not with a VPN Proxy!

More proxy options to unblock and proxy websites

There are few more, even simplier and free ways to unblock and access blocked websites and resources on the internet. I will write a whole article about it and post a link, which you have to read! Or just subscribe to our newsletter and get informed about juicy information. I guarantee no spam, any selling things or whatever.