IPvanish VPN

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network or VPN for short is basicly a server between your Internet Service Provider (or ISP for short) and the servers you are trying to reach.
A VPN Software is like a proxy, but it has even more features than a normal web proxy.

How VPN Proxy Software work

As mentioned VPN Software acts like a normal web proxy. It changes your IP address and hides you completely. Every website you are trying to unblock, every request made by any of your programs or even a message sent by you send are crypted by a VPN proxy software and are sent through their server to it's destination. The answer or unblocked website are sent through a VPN server, crypted again, back to you. There is no way to decrypt any of data going between you and a VPN proxy server - it would take at lease 100 milion years to do so.
Short and clear: If you are using VPN Proxy to unblock website, your ISP thinks you are always visiting or contacting the VPN Proxy server and have no idea what sites you are visiting or what data are being transfered. That makes them powerless and allows you to unblock websites without anyone knowing it.
There is no possible way to track you back, no matter what you do. Your hidden IP is NEVER visible compared to a web proxy which are UNSAFE and OFTEN LEAKS your IP address.

Is VPN Proxy legal and allowed to use?

Yes, it is completely legal. There are no ISPs that would disallow usage of a VPN proxy. The biggest reason is, because it is very important technology for organisations to allow flexible, secure work and safety!

VPN Proxy Features

There are enormous difference between a web proxy and a VPN proxy, e.g.:

  • Hides your IP and there is no way to find out your real one
  • Allows you to download torrents and other media anonymously
  • Not just proxy - it unblocks websites and all media you never were able to see
  • You can be anywhere on the world, just surfing at home
  • Data encryption - not available for web proxies. Not even goverment or your ISP are able to find out what you are doing
  • Safety - Hackers are unable to reach you, even if you are using public internet or are running a virus.
  • Available for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and computers including all features
  • Proxy and unblock websites anytime - with 100(0)% guarantee it will work!

VPN Proxy Services

See and try it out for yourself - I'm sure you will like it!


IPvanish VPN

Behold for the powerful, fast, secure and even FREE version of IPvanish VPN! No blocked sites, no leaked data and no more hackers! All that features and much more are waiting for you:

  • Unblock any website and it's content, including YouTube and other video providers, Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., Porn websites, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify and so on!
  • Hides your IP and guarantees anonymity
  • Super fast - good for downloading, like torrents
  • Unbreakable protection against hackers - even in public WLANs
  • Strong encryption
  • Available for devices of any kind
  • ... and much more!

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