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Proxynator Online Web Proxy relaunched

It has been a long road since the opening of Proxynator Online Proxy and now we relaunched our Online Web Proxy fixing a lot of issues and adding new features. It has been born 6 years ago and served for more than 200.000 people around the world. Since we never logged any activities, we cannot say how many websites Proxynator has already unblocked. It will stay that way! It has been already over 2 years since the first relaunch of Proxynator. Read here if you are more interested in the history of Proxynator Web Proxy. Our online Proxy is now faster and better than ever before allowing you to unblock more websites and to proxy porn sites.

What’s New?

The function of this website will stay the same. Enter your URL you want to unblock and the URL Unblocker will unblock the website for you. It was simple and it will stay like this! Our services, like Porn Proxy, URL Unblocker and other online proxy services distributet under the same web proxy engine.

We have few new things in our mind to make our Online Proxy service even better and more accessable. You can now Contact us for suggestions, improvement inquiries or just to say hello to the Proxynator team.

Proxy all over the World!

We notice odd drops of visitors lately, meaning that Proxynator is not accessable everywhere or is being blocked incrementaly. This means, that Proxynator itself is being censored in certain places and software. The good news is, that I’ve got a plan on how to avoid this and make Proxynator online proxy always accessable everywhere, so you can unblock websites and porn sites with ease, anytime and everywhere. The bad news is that this plan is going to be expensive. No worries, Proxynator will stay free, we will just add few ways to support Proxynator for everyone. Rather free and interesting ways than sh*tloads of ads, like we did once before.

New Design

Maybe it is nothing special, since our web proxy is more about simplicity. For you and us! All these pop-ups, baners and other commercials were more burning the eyes than helping at unblocking and proxying websites. Now we will be able to write and add more features in the near future.


Technologies are constantly changing and we had few downtimes. URL Unblocker stopped working and needed to be reprogrammed. Proxynator is back to life now and unblocks websites better than ever before! We fixed our online web proxy to unblock search engines YAHOO and BING for you to proxy online search and unblock websites, porn sites and proxy new websites with ease.

Unblocked Porn Sites

Yep, it is comming, the mighty and wanted list of unblocked porn sites, unblocked adult websites and content. Proxynator unblocks porn sites and will allow you to see a list of unblocked porn sites in near future. I decided to gather some really good unblocked porn sites that you can proxy instantly with Proxynator. For now, you can use or to search for unblocked porn sites und proxy porn with Proxynator.


There is a lot going on here and a lot is still planed in the near future to make your proxy experience and your anonymity better. Keep informed about updates and support Proxynator by joining our Newsletter “gang”. Contact us for suggestions and other inquiries, or just to say “Hello!”.

Keep anonymous. Hide your IP. Unblock Websites and porn sites. USE PROXYNATOR!

One thought on “Proxynator Online Web Proxy relaunched

  1. Thanks for update. I am unblocking porn already for a year with you guys. It works as always.

    Keep it up i love this porn proxy, especially when i use it to proxy porn in my office 😀

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