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What is a Proxy?

The definition of a proxy, or a proxy server is a computer network allowing users to make indirect network connections to other networks and exchange data over another computer. More simplified: A Proxy in the world of computer networks is a server which acts as an interface to communicate between the user (you) and another server (a website you want to unblock).

Use Cases of Proxy

Proxy networking is an important technology nowadays and is widely used for many purposes. Which includes:

  • Unblocking websites, especially in countries which are blocking access to a lot of websites or websites, that only allow access from specific countries
  • Managing defined tasks outside home or office
  • Accessing internal services or websites of a company from home
  • Bypassing online restrictions
  • Anonymity, hiding IP Address
  • Accessing websites from another countries
  • and so on…

The types of Proxies

There are a lot of types of proxies everyone can use. Proxynator will explain the 2 globaly accessable types, which are – Online Web Proxy and VPN.

Online Web Proxy

Online Web Proxy is an online service (a website), that allows users to access remote websites or services over the proxy server itself. It works simply just by entering a website URL and submitting the form. What happens then is that the online proxy server downloads the website content and sends directly to your computer. The website you are accessing will see, that a user from proxy server location visited their website, making you anonymous (as long as you don’t put any identifiable information, such as logins of course).

Proxynator allows you to do all that, just go up and put your website URL in the website unblock form above and click on the “Unblock website” button.

VPN Proxy

VPN Proxy (Virtual Private Network Proxy), like Proxynator explained on the VPN Proxy page, is a service which allows you to encrypt and route all your computer connections (like Skype, Torrent downloads, etc.) through a proxy server with a software. It makes you not only anonymous, it protects you from hackers and makes your transfered data almost impossible to read by others (government, Man In The Middle Attacks and so on).

VPN Proxy also gives you a lot more features and advantages, which you can read on the VPN Proxy page here and read more about VPN.


I can recommend using VPN services only for 2 major reasons, such as anonymity by hiding your IP and hacker protection. VPN Proxy gives you an ability to hide information you are submitting to the internet from your internet service provider and government, allowing you to do way more things that you are allowed to do and proxy servers helps you to unblock websites and proxy sites. Why not give it a shot?

What is a Proxy?
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What is a Proxy?
Proxynator online web proxy explains what is a proxy, how to use it and all the things you can do with it. Protect from hackers, hide your IP and more.
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